Japanese Food Catering Specialist by Kaminari Group

Our roots

Japanese food catering by Kaminari Group originally started with opening a small izakaya-style teppanyaki dining bar called Rayjin Teppanyaki - Dining Bar in Seminyak Bali in 2014. Sticking to our Japanese heritage, Rayjin Teppanyaki - Dining Bar focuses on quality customer service and an innovative approach to create an exciting and unique dining experience. Carrying the same pride and principles, the success of Rayjin Teppanyaki - Dining Bar led to forming Kaminari Group, which now leads 5 distinct, successful and independent Japanese restaurants in Bali as well as Jakarta. As specialists in Japanese cuisine, our sushi catering in Bali has grown to be one of the most in-demand catering delicacies for various celebrations.

Kaminari Japanese Catering Bali is the newest addition to Kaminari Group services in response to the increasing demand for the outlets to cater for special occasions and events. Kaminari Catering provides the best selections of many different styles of Japanese Cuisine and Japanese wedding food for you to choose and customize your needs for your special occasion.

Bali’s Premium Japanese Food Catering: Exquisite Sushi, Sashimi, and more...

Putting all of our hearts in everything we do, Kaminari Group values creativity and sincerity to ensure the satisfaction of the guest. We’ve created some of the most imaginative and tasteful sushi trays for various events worth celebrating. Our sushi and sashimi catering in Bali has yielded happy smiles from brides, and delightful gasps from guests who have enjoyed our catering services. We delight in bringing you some of the most creative Japanese catering packages.  

In doing so, Kaminari Group Japanese Food Catering Bali aims to provide our clients and guests to experience the best quality of Japanese cuisine met with the excellence of Japanese style service for a lasting memorable experience.



We aim for a unique and unforgettable experience in each and everyone of our restaurants with the flare in service that makes us who we are.

Rayjin restaurant by Kaminari group exclusive Japanese catering packages.


Since 2013, Rayjin has been serving delicious fusion Japanese teppanyaki straight from the heart. Adjusting to Western and local taste, Rayjin uses well-chosen and high-quality raw materials. All cooked and served right in front of our guests. With our Japanese food catering, you’ll get a taste of the exquisite menu served in Rayjin delivered straight into your events. 

Fujin by Kaminari wedding catering Bali Indonesia


In collaboration with Biko Group – Jakarta, Fujin is another Japanese dining experience serving modern style Teppanyaki using only the finest ingredients. Fujin focuses on serving distinctive dishes without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. It is also known for its Japanese whiskeys and artisanal cocktails that form a unique culinary experience.

Dahana by Kaminari Bali catering services and Japanese restaurants


A family operated Japanese diner. Dahana combines traditional Japanese techniques and recipes with fresh local ingredients. Open from lunch to dinner, Dahana has been serving Japanese home cooking meals for the locals and tourists in Petitenget neighbourhood for the last 10 years.

Musubi by Kaminari Wedding Catering in Bali


Situated perfectly in the heart of Canggu, Musubi Modern Japanese Kitchen is the newest addition to Kaminari Group as the first Japanese modern café in Indonesia offering Japanese inspired all-day brunch, coffee, and Pan-Asian izakaya. Musubi will be providing a family-friendly and warm café ambiance along with a great Omotenashi service to create a memorable dining experience. Our Japanese food catering in Bali also founded on the principle of Omotenashi, bringing you peace of mind. 

Kajin by Kaminari - Japanese food catering and restaurants


Kajin is a small restaurant with no more than 18 seats. Using mostly local and fresh ingredients, Kajin offers a wide range of contemporary sushi and new style sashimi. The limited seatings mean Kajin highly focuses on intimate interaction to deliver immaculate services.

Kinjo by Kaminari Sushi Catering in Bali


Kinjo is the newest concept by Kaminari Group and the first in Bali that focuses on Kakigori. Each Kakigori is carefully made using pure ice blocks and fine ingredients and flavors created by our very own Chef Rui Yamagishi.